How to File a Claim


  • Call us. When you contact us, we’ll ask about the problem, when it occurred, and if the vehicle is waiting to be evaluated at a repair facility.
  • Take your car to a licensed repair facility. You will give you the okay to authorize the repair facility to do a diagnosis of the vehicle. Be sure that the repair facility understands to perform only a diagnosis of the problem and report their findings to your Claims Adjuster.
  • We’ll send you a Claim Authorization Number. As soon as the repair facility contacts the Claims Department with the diagnosis, your Claims Adjuster will review it, confirm coverage and costs, and issue a Claim Authorization Number for all covered items.
  • Repairs made. The repair facility makes the repairs.
  • Claims paid fast! You verify that all repairs were made to your satisfaction, we get the invoice, and your claim will be processed and paid promptly by corporate credit card or check. Approved claims are paid within 30-45 minutes after the work is completed and an invoice is received.


Your wallet will thank you.

You must contact us BEFORE any repairs are made.

The claims process is similar to the car insurance claims process in that you can’t get the repair done and then submit the claim afterwards. The customer needs to contact us first. In this way we can not only make sure that the repair is covered, but that it is also fairly priced. This helps us protect everyone from fraudulent claims, and the customer’s out-of-pocket expenses are minimized. 

Choose one of these ways to file your claim:

Call 855.268.1249 and please have your Contract Number available. Fill out an online Claims Form and submit it to our Claims Department. We will call back to verify your information.

Claims Adjusters are available:

Monday thru Friday — 6:00am to 5:00pm EST